Why did these Epic EHR consultants choose Nordic?

If you think all Epic EHR consulting firms are the same, please tune in. You may be surprised.

Our first video is a mashup of our consultants speaking about concerns with consulting and how Nordic addressed those concerns.

For example, do any of these concerns resonate with you?
• I know the money is good. What about the downsides of consulting?
• What kind of work will I be doing? Will it be challenging or the same thing over and over?
• Will I have to travel all the time?
• Will Epic EHR consulting even be around in a few years?
• Is a good work/life balance possible in Epic EHR consulting?
• Will I know what rate you are charging the customer for me?
• Will you know me? Listen and care about the things that are most important to me?

Those are just some of the questions our consultants were asking before they chose Nordic.

“But are these guys anything like me?” you ask. Chances are, “Yes!” The consultants in this video are from a variety of backgrounds – some clinical, some IT, and, of course, a number with Epic on their past employer list.

Maybe you know them. In order of appearance: Bill Neill, Tom Carter, Jake Aleckson, Dianne Allemann, Andy Palmer, Scott Isaacson, Sonja Weiland, Carol Fung.

Enjoy the video and be sure to contact us if you’d like to discuss how Nordic might be a good fit for you. www.nordicwi.com/contact



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