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2018 Top home decor ideas

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Creative and inspiring design ideas that can help you to turn your small apartment into an elegant condominium. for small apartments will help you a lot to start reforming your apartment, I have no doubt about that. ▶ Colors for small apartments: Color to color, the surfaces should be around the light tones fundamentally. The furniture that has greater dimension should be the clearest, such is the case of sofas, beds, tables for example. Do not use dark colors unless in specific areas and with elements that you can change like carpets, cushions, blankets, etc. Simply, light colors will be ideal to multiply those meters. ▶ Materials: Reflected surfaces are also space-enhancing. In this case there are metals or chrome. Applied to tables will be very useful especially the small ones that we use as assistants. Here all your surroundings will be shown and therefore they will not be part of the decoration, but a reflection of it. Similarly put mirrors in your apartment. In the living room they look great as well as in bedrooms, bathrooms and even somewhere in the kitchen. Floor-to-ceiling verticals are favorites and you’ll never miss putting them on. ▶ Take advantage of space Use space to store everywhere. Under the bed, organize shelves in the corners where many times we do not place any object. Create yourself drawers par under some furniture where you have nothing. Organize and save is elementary so that all that space becomes a warehouse and there are less things seen outside, which more than anything will hinder and fill your apartment. You can make spatial divisions but avoid the walls whenever possible. If you have only one bedroom, use concrete walls but you can also opt for a Loft style and use parabanes, screens, or some type of dividing screen to create privacy. When you do not need it, this area can remain open and therefore you will always gain space. You should also maximize the entry of natural light through the windows and create a bright atmosphere.
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