The Scandi Kitchen – Open Sandwiches

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A Scandinavian open sandwich is a slice of decorated bread. Topless. Simple is the Nordic way. Outside Scandinavia, people tend to view open sandwiches as something fancy and fiddly – and perhaps slightly impractical. To us, it’s just how we eat lunch.

There is a knack to making an open sandwich look pretty and appetising. Here are a few suggestions from Brontë Aurell, co-founder of the Scandi Kitchen café in London and author of the cookbook, The Scandi Kitchen. See how she decorates four different open sandwiches: roast beef and crispy onions, egg and prawn, smoked mackerel with fennel and apple, and smoked salmon.

With less bread than a regular sandwich and good quality ingredients (as they cannot hide between two pieces of bread and lots of mayo!), these open sandwiches not only look amazing, but they taste delicious and are a healthier lunch alternative. Yum.

The full recipes can be found in Brontë’s cookbook, The Scandi Kitchen, published by Ryland Peters & Small and available here:




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