Scandinavian Style Furniture Design Basics

A Few Tips for Scandi Style Furniture Design

Scandinavian design uses not only wood in its floor, but also decoration in the furnishings such as food and cafes.

Open Shelves In Nordic Design

Open shelves are another part of the Scandinavian design that you could use all over the home, particularly in the cuisine.

The light-colored wood opens a room on the floor and provides furniture such as chairs and cafes.

Wall Arts suit perfect

In the typical Scandinavian spaces, the walls are kept white, which allows the decoration and the arts to delight.

In addition to shaping the way in which we build our spaces, the Scandinavian project is well-known for its numerous contribution to the decoration, which can be its most durable legacy.
Scandinavian furniture is simple, stylish and strongly influenced by the movement of art and Crafts.

Classic Style + Scandi = works well as well

While Scandinavian design is famous for pure, geometric lines, it does not mean that there is no room for an ornamented chandelier or a burning chair of Louis XVI in the mix.

Even if you have color and disorder, the straight line and the design of the Nordic furnishings will be useful to settle a room.


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