Perfect Black And White Danish Summerhouse | Great Small House Design

Perfect Black and white Danish summerhouse | Great Small House Design
This classic black and white summerhouse is located in an area of holiday homes on the north coast of Zealand, Denmark’s largest island. The cottage is very snug with just 43 m2 (463 ft2) of inside floor space, but the two small bedrooms and a sleeping loft provide sleeping space for a family with a couple of young kids.

The front door is at one end of the long, rectangular floor plan. There is a small entry space with the tiled bathroom to one side. After entering, you pass through the kitchen to reach the living/dining room at the middle of the cottage.
Although the kitchen seems to have a functional layout, the cabinets are old and pretty beat up. The big problem with the kitchen, however, is that everyone coming and going has to funnel through it. If we were redoing the kitchen, we’d try to rearrange it so the front door could be moved to the cottage’s long side between the kitchen and living room
The combined living and dining room has a vaulted ceiling and is flooded with natural light. A folding window wall on the south side opens to the back deck, and there is another large window on the opposite wall. The fireplace in the corner should keep the cottage cozy on cold, rainy days, but there is also a mini-split heat pump if you don’t want to bother lighting a fire.
The two bedrooms and sleeping loft all open directly off the living area. The smaller bedroom is barely big enough to fit a single bed, and the loft is even tinier. But for a summerhouse where the kids aren’t bringing much more than a backpack of clothes and their cell phones, they should be fine. The parents’ bedroom is bigger but long and narrow, so the bed has to be pushed up against the wall.

The summerhouse is currently for sale with an asking price of 895,000 Danish kroner, roughly US$135,000. Enjoy the photos!

Photographs courtesy of Nybolig.

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