Nordic Delight Festival 2014 trailer

Nordic Delight Festival 2014: a day to discover tomorrow’s finest music. film, food, fine arts and design

Saturday, October 4th, 2014 at Centraal Museum, Nicolaikerk and Sonnenborgh museum & observatory in Utrecht (NL)


MUSIC: Loney Dear (SE) feat. Maarten Vos (NL), Árstíðir (IS), Einar Stray Orchestra (NO), Sailor & I (SE), Sekuoia (DK), DEATH HAWKS (FI), Wintergatan (SE), Jennie Abrahamson (SE), Get Your Gun (DK), The 1st (DK), Tremoro Tarantura (NO), Vök (IS), Ghost Venue (DK), Heimatt (DK), Proviant Audio (NO), Disaster In The Universe (NO) and OLGA Vocal Ensemble (IS/NL).

FILM: Kvinden i buret / The Keeper of Lost Causes / De Vrouw in de Kooi (DK, 2013), Tjockare än vatten / Thicker than water (SE, 2014), Äkta människor / Real Humans (SE, 2012-), Snøhulemannen / The Snow Cave Man (NO, 2010), selection of Nordic Student Shorts by Breaking Ground and talkshow by Stine Jensen about the popularity of ‘Nordic Noir’.

ART & CULTURE: Author Arne Dahl (SE) will present his newest book and has Q&A with journalist Stine Jensen. Lars AP from Fucking Flink (DK) presents his view on society. Play the Swedish game Kubb in the garden. Learn more about Sami art. Follow a workshop about traditional Scandinavian customs and in the meanwhile learn some Norwegian language.

FOOD: Delicious Nordic cuisine: chefs Birgir Enni & Pontus Elofsson, associated to the world’s best ranked restaurant Noma, will prepare shell and shellfish from Faeroe Islands and Carla’s Conditerie will prepare Swedish reindeer meat, soup, sandwiches and sweets.

INTERIOR By Goed spul. Enjoy Nordic food and beverages on their authentic sofas and chairs. You can buy everything in this pop-up living room.

Enjoy performances in the fairy tale-like monastery garden and the 800 years old Nicolaikerk, dance till you drop in the newly designed garden room and admire works of art and fashion in the nearby Sonnenborgh Museum & Observatory, at the Nicolaikerk or at the Central Museum; it’s all possible at Nordic Delight Festival.

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Video made by Guillaume Versteeg / G3b Studios



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  1. Channel Chocolate
    March 28, 2019 at 3:01 am

    Jammer dat ik hier niet was, zeg 🙁 maar volgend jaar ga ik zeker!

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