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Menu works with over 20 talented designers from 6 different countries around the world.

The Menu Story

The Danish Steel House was developed under Simon Hansen’s leadership, starting in 1979 and supplying the catering industry with steel products. Family owned, DSH came out with the Bjarne Hansen Irish Coffee Set in 1988, making the company an instant success. Ten years later, Danish Steel House becomes Menu Scandinavian Design and takes on designer Pernille Vea.

Scandinavian Living becomes the umbrella for Menu in 2004. A few years later, the Hansen family sells shares to several top designers, allowing the company to blossom into the contemporary accessory line that it is today.
Why We Love Menu Home Decor

Menu Scandinavian Design comes up with clever, fascinating functional modern accessories for the kitchen, dining room, living room and outdoors that brings a level of sophistication to a home. There’s a genuine Scandinavian simplicity and humor to their technologically advanced forms, giving them a beautiful “quirk” that makes them stand out from the rest.



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