Turning a Challenge Into a Charming Chore: Ideas for Creative Decluttering

Ideas for Creative Decluttering

Ideas for Creative Decluttering

Cleaning and organizing your home becomes a much easier chore if you can tap into your creative side and have some fun with it. The same principle applies to decluttering, a necessary but often difficult task that forces you to make difficult decisions about old belongings. There are plenty of approaches, but there’s no “right way” to declutter. Whatever your approach, it doesn’t have to be complicated; you can achieve your objective and declutter without an “expert.”

Be ‘Generous’

If you enjoy being generous and giving gifts for no particular reason, you can have a really good time decluttering. Instead of automatically recycling or throwing stuff away, try giving away an item a day for a full year (or two if you’re extremely cluttered). It’s a slow, low-impact approach, but it’s fun and you’ll enjoy watching your old belongings bring joy to people who mean a lot to you. Cleaning the house will be easier with less stuff junking up your space.

As you’re downscaling, why not try organizing your closets as more room becomes available? Place seasonal items into storage, add storage “helpers” such as shelving and extra hanging rods to make the best use of the space. If space allows, use plastic bins for storing objects that tend to get in the way, like shoes and supplies that “live” in your closet. By the end of the year, you’ll have given away hundreds of items that are no longer needed or wanted and created a more efficient living space that’s easier to tidy up.

Living with Less

Using less of what you own is a good way to identify stuff you really don’t need. Most of us have a certain amount of excess clothing, so why not try wearing a limited amount of clothing for a period of time, say, 33 articles for three months? (The brainchild of minimalist specialist Courtney Carver.) Once the 33 days are over, you’ll have proved that you really can make do with less, a good way to begin a more organized life (if 33 articles of clothing are too few, adjust the total and try making do with 44 for four months).

Use Your Own Approach

There are different schools of thought as to where you should begin the decluttering process. Some people recommend starting off nice and easy while others insist on tackling the heaviest rooms first. The best way to begin is wherever you feel like starting. Blogger Dana Byers suggests making a list of rooms and when you finish one, stop and immediately move on to the next room on your list so you’re making continual progress (your list could focus on rooms, or it might begin with closets or even drawers).

Drill Down as You Declutter

Be careful with those belongings; you wouldn’t want to just scoop them up and toss them into a dumpster or send to a secondhand store. Drill down into your book, DVD, and CD/record collections as you declutter. It sounds like a lot of work, but it can be fun taking a stroll down memory lane recalling the purchase of your first Led Zeppelin album or contemplating how much you might get for that collector’s edition of Faulkner or Hemingway. Downsizing these collections can open up a surprising amount of shelf space, too.

Leave Behind Well-Ordered Spaces

As you work through each space, try to leave behind an organized and functional space; after all, one of the blessings of decluttering is a more livable home. If you could benefit from some workspace, set up a computer, clear out shelving and drawers, and carve out a home office.

Who says you can’t have fun with your decluttering project? A dash of creativity and an open mind can lead to a productive and enjoyable experience. The end result will certainly leave you with a more relaxing and enjoyable living space.

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