How to make a Natural Christmas Wreath

This video aims to show you how easy it is to make your own fresh Christmas wreath without it costing a fortune. If you don’t have access to fresh greenery and berries from your own garden just take a walk in the countryside and you will have the added bonus of taking some exercise and getting free materials to use on your wreath. You will need some short lengths of evergreen leaves, cones, winter berries such as holly, pyracantha, cotoneaster, skimmia, crab apples or ivy; twigs covered in lichen can also look really effective as can decorative seed heads. Remember not to trespass on private land.

All that is involved in making a wreath is fastening some moss to a wire ring then decorating it as simply or as ornately as you wish. The video shows you how to wire together the basic greenery to fill out the wreath and then how to add the berries to make it extra special. We also show you how to make a simple bow to add that finishing touch.

If you want to know how to convert your wreath into an Advent ring just click the link to view the video:

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1 comment for “How to make a Natural Christmas Wreath

  1. mrcynthiag
    November 13, 2018 at 3:10 pm

    If you use glue, they will die in a week, right? So what is the point. Shouldn't you just weave the real leaves into it or on a grape vine form?

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