Hayes Garden World Christmas Singing Gonk Tree 2015

This video is a recording of the unique Singing Gonk Tree which forms part of our huge 2015 Christmas display in the store at Ambleside in the Lake District.

The display is one of the largest displays of artificial Christmas trees, lighting, fibre-optic trees and decorations in North West England. This year the Gonks have brought grandma on her Ferrari scooter. The Gonks are still ruling the roost with the Elves no-where to be seen; they have obviously retreated back to the North Pole.

This year the Gonks are having a bit of a party; singing ‘Rockin around the Christmas tree’ and encouraging all the children to dance along with them.

With grandma complaining about the long trek to the toilets and her sore feet she has the sympathy of a lot of customers!

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