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    September 9, 2019 at 4:08 pm

    Some history of the Gustavian influence on Swedish interiors: Another important Gustavian home, Sturehof is a summer manor house remarkable for its faience tiled fireplaces. The owner of the home, Johan Liljencrantz, Gustav III’s Minister of Finance, owned the Marieberg faience factory which constructed the 20 tile stoves here, one for each room. The fireplace tiles were made in bright colors and shiny glaze. They became the focal point of each room and served as the inspiration when decorating the interiors. Sturehof was designed in the Gustavian style and artisans such as Lars Bolander (the original!) and Louis Masreliez helped with the decor.: Sturehof has not only its unique collection of 18th century Swedish tile stoves but also, lovely preserved Gustavian interiors. Here, a pale blue bedroom looks into the dining room and another room past that. The decor at Sturehof was very costly, from the parquet floors to the stoves, to the furniture and chandeliers. This fireplace is a columnar style in blue and white tiles. The chairs are styled after Louis XVI.

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