Give Yourself the Gifts of Health and Happiness Without Spending a Fortune

Give Yourself the Gifts of Health and Happiness Without Spending a Fortune

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All too often in today’s world, we tend to run ourselves ragged. We overspend when it comes to our time, money, and energy, and we feel guilty about tending to our needs. However, health and happiness should be part of your routine, not just indulgences. Here are some ideas for giving yourself these precious gifts throughout the year without spending a fortune.

Creature Comforts

A good night’s sleep is a bare necessity, yet in some ways, it feels like a waste of time. Slumber provides important health benefits, helping your mind and body recover from the day. When you go without enough sleep, you can jeopardize your physical and mental wellness, so why not invest a little in your sleep environment? Having a comfy bed to cuddle into each night can make all the difference in how you feel. Think about giving your bedding an upgrade, whether with a soft blanket, smooth cotton sheets, or a new duvet. You don’t need to spend a fortune since there are retailers like Kohl’s that offer big savings opportunities, as well as a terrific selection. Look for Kohls coupons so you can not only save money, you can get cash back on your purchases. You’ll sleep even better knowing how far you’ve stretched your dollars!

Truly Fresh and Clean

You might be surprised to discover that some cleaning products can be bad for you, but as Experience Life explains, many household cleansers contain hidden toxins such as phthalates, triclosan, and butoxyethanol. So, why not switch to cleaning products that you can feel good about, like Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day? These are effective cleansers, yet they smell great and are kind to your body, as well as to Mother Earth. On top of all that, you can save big, since Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day offers free shipping when you purchase $30 or more of their products. To really treat yourself, a subscription saves you 5 percent on every delivery.

Fuel Your Engine

Our minds and bodies rely on the food we consume to supply the energy and nutrition we need.  However, we frequently get busy, tired, or rushed, and then we look to convenience over quality.  Healthline points out that fast food has several potentially serious health repercussions, such as raising your cholesterol level, increased blood pressure, weight gain, and raising your blood sugar. If your diet could use a shot in the arm, why not subscribe to a healthy meal service, such as Blue Apron? Recipes are designed by professional chefs, and the ingredients are sourced responsibly. It’s convenient, you can schedule deliveries whenever you wish, and you can even personalize your menu selection. They also offer a discount off your first three meal boxes so that you can make the most of your meal budget.

Gift Yourself Some Greenery

Humans have made plants part of their lives for time eternal, and it turns out it’s a healthful choice, boosting wellness for both mind and body. As HGTV explains, surrounding yourself with a few houseplants can lower your stress levels, improve your outlook on life, and clean the air you breathe. You should mesh the plants you buy with your growing conditions, such as low-light, and also think about the rest of your household; for instance, if you need pet-friendly choices. No matter what season it is, you can find everything from soft-bodied succulents to spiky palms on Amazon, take advantage of current deals, and have them shipped straight to your home. Remember to add all your plant rearing supplies as well, such as pots, fertilizers, growing medium, and anything else you might need.

When it comes to the gift of wellness, you don’t need to skimp. Look for ways to stretch your dollars so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep, keep your home clean, eat right, and enjoy a touch of nature. You’ll feel better, and you’re worth it!




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