Completely New Quality Small Scandinavian House

Wonderful images of a small brand new Scandinavian home in this video.
Lovely modern vacation wooden home nestled into a beautiful location. With an exterior painted in black and a gorgeous minimalist interior this small home is one of its kind.
Superb design with a small deck in front and a large glass door.
The interior is with the walls, sloped ceiling and floors in natural wood look, which bring a fresh, airy and elegant look. High quality finishes throughout. Charming tiny kitchen with a small island. Cute small living rooms with a modern sofa bed. A lovely dining table and chairs complement the design. Quite spacious and bright bedroom.
This small house is a design gem and a dreamy home.
Thank you so much for watching.



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  1. Nat Anon
    October 9, 2019 at 12:45 pm

    Hi. How many square meters?

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