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Creative Storage Design Ideas for Home Office

To save the space you need for your home office you need a smart storage. Here are some practical ideas for a functional storage space in your home office. CREDITS: Music: “Strut Funk” Dougie Wood Downloaded it from the YouTube…

Modern Futuristic Home – Amazing Design

Click HERE to Amazing house architecture – cool interior design. MUSIC: ATTRIBUTION Bright Side by Evan Schaeffer is licensed under a Attribution License. source

USB Powered Desk Fan for Office or Class

Click HERE to Quick review of the Accering portable USB desk fan. Nice little fan for your desk that you can carry around. Been using it plugged into my Macbook Pro. You can purchase it here: source

The nordic Boat Party – Summer 2010

Click HERE to So imagine this…. It’s bloody 40 degrees outside…..all hot and sticky….but you’re lookin for any excuse to get out of your airconditioned home/office and just let your hair down, knocking down a few cold ones, listening to…

Picture Scandinavian Designs

Click HERE to Home, office, outdoor, interior design related to all kinds of video, video can be accessed from my channel. Kitchen design living room design hall design bedroom design toilet design bathroom design dining room design office design and…