Brilliant Vista

Brilliant Vista, located in southwest Florida’s prestigious West Bay Country Club community, is a selective expression of today’s contemporary design movement. It features a dazzling array of high-gloss finishes, surfaces and custom cabinetry in nearly every room of the home, along with one of the most unique and luxurious outdoor spaces in the region.

The homeowners wanted a distinctly modern home that was both warm and inviting. In their eyes, contemporary spaces swathed in white can sometimes come off as cold and sterile. So the couple worked with Whitehead to research modern aesthetics, finishes, patterns, textures and fixtures that were comfortable, appealing and design-forward.

The interior design team also worked to incorporate Pompeii quartz black sparkle countertops in the living room, dining room and bar to contrast the white lacquer cabinetry. The powder room has a Cristallo Quartzite countertop lit from below to provide a soft, warm glow over the back-painted glass cabinetry.

Lighting fixtures found throughout the home range in manufacturer, yet every selection was specified and ordered based on the unique size, design and view of each room.

The flooring is 8 5/8” European White Oak in lengths up to 10’ with a custom finish, adding another layer of grandeur to the interiors. Windows are installed with automated sun shades and custom draperies that can be found throughout the home.

Overall, the design process was smooth but extensively detailed, with no fixture, finish or detail left unexplored. The same story rings true for the cabinetry design process.
Spearheaded by Todd Grooms of Tradewind Designs, a Wood-Mode dealer in Naples, FL, the project allowed him and his team to craft a kitchen and home atypical for southwest Florida.
“Contemporary and modern spaces make up a very small portion of our market,” said Grooms. “Transitional is in vogue right now, as are traditional cabinetry options for a variety of spaces.”
“This project gave me the opportunity to work with a client that wanted something different, unique and incredibly luxurious,” he added.

Not only did Grooms have a significant amount of cabinetry to design for a variety of spaces in the home, he had to make sure it fit with the aesthetic curated by Whitehead and the homeowners. “The client and interior designer came into the concept phase wanting a luxurious, high-gloss frameless product, but a lot of the other details were up in the air,” said Grooms. “Since Wood-Mode offers a high-gloss option with its Vanguard door style, it was a good fit for the kitchen, pantry, wet bar, dining room, bathrooms and other spaces in the home.”

While 90% of the cabinetry specified is Wood-Mode in the Vanguard door style and finished in High Gloss Nordic White, the homeowners and designer selected the Brookhaven line in the Vista door style for the master bath and study. It was finished in High Gloss Bright White in the bath while a rich, luxurious Matte Twilight in the study complemented both spaces and their unique aesthetics compared to the rest of the home.

“The homeowners are ecstatic with the final product,” said Whitehead. “It truly is a stunning home,” added Grooms. “The cabinetry and design details help set it apart from 99.9% of homes on the market in southeast Florida,” he added. “That’s a good thing.”



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