What is Scandinavian Interior Design Style

The Scandinavian home interior design is extremely popular today.
So what does it mean Nordic Interior Style?

Scandinavian Home Design Basics

The Scandinavian design style is a perfect combination of function and style. This style of interior décor has its origin from the Nordic roots and they express a soft and muted interior for your home. The main characteristic of this style is its elegance and sophistication. It gives a modern look to your interiors but yet has a minimal effect, that’s the beauty of this look. The basic feature of Scandinavian house design is its simplicity as it does not have the intricacies and the richness of the traditional style, rather it mainly focuses on the contemporary elements that give a perfect look to the interior. The focus of an ideal Scandinavian interior is on the functionality and cleanliness, it has minimal aesthetic but that’s the beauty of this design. The simple features and the straightforwardness is something that has made this style one of the favorite styles for the contemporary lovers. If you too find yourself among those who are looking for a perfect Scandinavian house design then here are the basic elements that you must integrate.

Natural lighting makes the magic

scandi design natural light

The first thing that distinguishes the Nordic interior design is the lighting of the interiors. Use of natural light for illuminating the rooms is most importantly noted. There are large windows so that natural light can enter the rooms. The interiors too are light in color that reflects back the light that enters the rooms. In case of areas where light is not abundant special care is taken while setting up the lights. Different types of candles lights are also used for creating a mystic magic in the rooms. The light hues furniture and the walls give the rooms its natural glow and they look spacious than they actually are.

Wooden floors

wooden floor scandinavian design

Complementing the lighting of the rooms the floors plays an important role. In Scandinavian design, you will not find a wall to wall carpeting, rather wooden floor of natural and light hues are quite common. Traditionally the flooring is of hardwood be that ash wood or oak. They are light in color and white is mostly preferred. The light color wooden floors are best for reflecting the light and give the room the required lights. It can invite more light to the room and make space look more spacious. In the rest of the interior, you will find minimal style but the floors with their lighter hues give the rooms the required aesthetic that is then added to furniture and other features.

Simple furniture

simple furniture nordic design

Furniture plays an important role in designing any kind of interior and that is true for this Nordic interior design. The furniture needs to be simple and functionalIn this interior design, you will find furniture that is sleek and useful. They have minimal aesthetic looks but it’s their simplicity that gives the space its required look. They are modern but simple in aesthetic. Mostly the furniture is white in color and they give a wholesome image to the rooms which merge with the interiors of the Scandinavian style perfectly.

Straightforward accessories

accessories scandinavian design

The basic element of the Nordic interior is clutter free space and thus the décor in this style of the interior is done in such way that no clutter is formed. The contemporary accessories are placed in a different strategic location that enhances their functionality and at the same time increases the appeal of the room. You may include some simple photo frames, clean glass baubles or portable table lamps that will enhance the beauty of the room and at the same time meet a certain requirement.

Smooth surfaces

smooth surface


As being mentioned again and again, the overall image that you found in Scandinavian house design is minimal. That means the overall design needs to be simple and the colors used in the rooms should be understated. It does not mean that the rooms will look dull, but the various combination of the items places and the lighting will combine to give a perfect look that is soothing for the eyes. To incorporate this you will find that laminates used for decorating the room are smooth that makes the rooms look tranquil.

Light muted colors

light muted colors

The Scandinavian winters are long and in order to make the interiors look bright the colors used are normally muted and understated. However, these sober colors do not make space look boring, but different things are arranged in such way that the overall impression created is bright and enchanting. It looks simple and spacy and as there is no clutter it has no fussy element.

Outdoors are welcome

outdoor is welcome

This style of décor is all about its neutrality and thus do not hesitate to bring in some outdoors to indoors. This means that by adding some green plants here are there in the room they look brighter. The green color of the plants gives the room the perfect look that may be required. Moreover, plants also give a natural touch to the room making it more vibrant.

Straight lines with functional layout

srtraight lines

Another basic element of this style is straight lines. Whether it’s the furniture, windows or any other accessories used for décor will have straight forwards lines. They give a perfect definition to the rooms and enhances the spacious feel and look. And finally, the layout of such design is so designed that is totally functional.