A Scandinavian Style Apartment Perfect For a Small Family [Includes Floor Plan]

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Anybody with a small child can attest to the fact that your apartment’s interior will never remain in place for very long. A small family can present such a heart warming scene, so shouldn’t their apartment reflect that? There are very unique challenges when it comes to designing an apartment that will house a mischievous darling and loving parents. Zrobym Architects in Belarus took on such a challenge head on and came out victorious. They were able to create a versatile and fashionable interior that keeps in mind the challenges of raising a child in an apartment. The home is not only functional, it also exudes Scandinavian charm.

Scandinavian design is renowned for being sleek and minimalist. This apartment definitely showcases a few of those elements, by using neutral colors as a base and using polished and compact furniture. It also incorporates some bright and cheery elements such as the colorful comfortable couch, throw pillows and carpet to make the apartment look homely and inviting. The apartment makes full use of it’s 62 square feet by including a living room, kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms, study and balcony.

The living room presents a charming picture as a cozy family room. The couch is the perfect place to snuggle up and watch a movie together, with the abundance of pillows and a woolen blanket draped over the end. The overhanging and swinging light fixture, as well as the minimalist style coffee tables conveys the essence of Scandinavian style and the white curtains are a solid base that brings the other elements into focus. The coffee table looks like a mature take on toddler’s stacking blocks. The living room is practical as there are no expensive ornaments that can be broken and nothing valuable is within reach of curious little hands



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