21+ Home decor ideas for renters

More than 21 decor ideas for renters are detailed here:
Hint: some interior design ideas also discussed.
1.►0:19|Open storage is another way of aesthetically displaying your stuff.
3 DIYS and 2 product ideas
DIY 1: https://whippycake.com/2013/07/jewelry-board-tutorial/
DIY 2: http://lillelykke.blogspot.co.id/2011/08/kleurrijke-spullen-voor-in-de-keuken.html
Industrial storage rack product: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/
DIY 3: http://www.modernparentsmessykids.com/2015/02/diy-jewelry-organization-board.html
Prod 2: https://goo.gl/mFALiW

2.►1:09|Mix up the way you add plants to your home.
lightbuld watering can
DIY 1: http://abeautifulmess.com/2012/05/5-tips-for-adding-green-to-your-home.html
DIY2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NL-ZvaxGj8
DIY 3: http://www.frankie.com.au/blogs/craft/exclusive-frankie-diy-hanging-plant-holders

3.►3:01|If you can’t paint your walls, add some color to your furniture.

4.►3:26|Add a few pieces of unconventional furniture and a speckled ceramic lamp
diy 1: http://designed-forlife.com/post/6144950194

5.►3:40|Repurpose boxes and crates to craft modular bookshelves

IKEA PRANT – DIY Modular Storage


6.►4:06|Line the insides of your shelves with patterned fabric or wallpaper.
Prod: http://www.chasingpaper.com/products/speckle
DIY: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2013/09/try-this-fabric-lined-built-in-shelves.html

7.►4:54|Or use wallpaper to bedeck other pieces of furniture.
DIY1: http://nostalgiecat.blogspot.co.id/2015/01/diy-wrapped-storage-boxes.html
diy 2: http://blog.spoonflower.com/2013/10/furniture-refresh-1.html
diy 3: http://www.auntpeaches.com/2015/04/i-wallpapered-the-fridge-again.html

8.►6:24|Make fluffy shag pillow and sparkly pillow.

9.►6:39|Variety of hanging solutions, including tapes, command hooks, and strips.

10.►7:19|Take clothespins to put up an elegant display of artwork.

Feliz :: A Celebration of Handmade

11.►7:34|Or mount your art with hangers.

– D I S P L A Y –

12.►7:42|Prop artwork on a stand.

13.►7:51|Invest in rolling and/or movable furniture.
DIY: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2012/10/diy-shelving-unit-3-ways.html

14.►8:18|Sew, braid, or paint few eye-catching rugs.
at http://www.vintagericrac.blogspot.co.id/2015/07/how-to-sew-fabric-rug-tutorial.html

15.►9:15|Craft ladders for shelves or racks

16.►9:29|An inexpensive and cheap curtain with fabric and a tension rod.
Prod: http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/30111978/
DIY: http://rowhousenest.com/privacywindowtreatment/

17.►10:06|Zero in on the small things, like these DIY pineapple magnets.

18.►10:56|Not only organize with trays, but decorate your walls with them.
DIY: http://www.auntpeaches.com/2014/03/dinnerware-gone-rogue-how-to-hang-plate.html
prod: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=36948149

19.►11:33|Opt for brighter washi tapes that make tape look less tacky.
Prod: http://www.wishywashi.com/product/solid-color-neon-washi-tape
info1: http://www.papernstitchblog.com/2015/04/14/pastel-inspiration-boards-30-second-diy-hardware-store-hack/
info 2: http://theglitterguide.com/2013/03/12/diy-to-try-inspirational-boards/

20.►11:42|Go all out with your bed’s headboard.
A geometric wooden headboard.
outlining an imaginary headboard with twinkle lights.
DIY: http://www.theweathereddoor.com/2014/08/diy-geometric-planked-wood-headboard.html
twinkle light: http://www.vtwonen.nl/diy/huisje-boompje-bed/

21.►12:02|Removable and reusable wooden planks.

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More decor ideas at www.simphome.com
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    "6. Line the inside of your shelves…" That's pretty permanent using glue. A better way I've heard about is to soak the fabric in starch then just stick it up. And when it's time to remove, just peel it off. Disclaimer: I've never actually tried this.

  7. July 12, 2018 at 6:23 am

    I overwatered plants and got mold growing in the apartment. Don't be like me

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    Great ideas, not just for renters. Thank you so much for posting

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    This is useless. A video for places one can't use nails would be better.

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    I love the ideas and all the enthusiasm. Thanks, I have some great projects to get started on.

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    for renters, yet majority arent allowed to make holes in the walls

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    I was so excited about the light bulbs…not realizing mines were all frosted…but..a light bulb went off (hehehe) and I decided to paint them different colors, stencil and add cork lights to them..then I used colorful rope strings to hang them on the patio ceiling..it's not bright, but it does glow according to the color painted..the stencil shows a bit, but oh well..the colors allows me to change the patio to numerous colors..oh be warned…if you have young ones, not a good idea..you see beauty, they see piñatas..also be sure to hang them at different lengths and glue rope string by wrapping it round the end (follow the tin part)…too close and all it takes is one wind gust to ruin your day…shattered beauty ( two puns, I'm on a roll..lol)…it does create a nice ambiance..hope this helps anyone oddly stuck with a lot of bulbs..by the way follow the instructional video on how to remove the inside of bulb…and the rest is up to you..sorry if this does not make sense…😑

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    I wish you would show the how to do's on all the ideas you've shown here instead of jumping to the next item. some things you've shown are not self explanatory by just looking at it. I loved it tho, got a lot of good ideas….

  31. July 12, 2018 at 6:23 am

    WOW !! TY So much !! Some of the idea's I absolutely love ! Especially the lights for a headboard. I bought a lot of them, but haven't used any. No doubt I can use them in many area's of my place. Also some of the other idea's are excellent. Ty again.

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    Thanks for the great ideas. I especially liked the hanging stuff with Velcro. Btw you have a great voice.

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    NO hablo inglés pero me encantaron tanto tus ideas sugerencias precioso

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    Wouldn't use any of these ideas….& not much to do with renters. thumbs down for this vid

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    what is the matter with people and the way they speak on these videos. I feel like they are speaking another language other than english. You only understood about every 5 word you said. Learn to speak properly.

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    sorry whaaaat 😲😲 $498 lmao but that so ugly tho really lol why would you get that, u can get decent prettier furniture for waaaaay less 💸,💸💸💸 is all I see ! Also, that $50 end table 🤑😒😞🙃 really might as well just get a log n cut to size cuz thats what it looks like lol for Freeeeee might I add that table was a no lol besides that I like all the other ideas, thanks for this video its made me laugh!

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    Vid would have been better if music wasn't so creepy. A few ideas I would use. Thanks.

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